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The company

Corpi, gestió integral de l’aigua SL is a young company yet has extensive experience and expertise in the design, installation and setup of water treatment plants, water purifying plants and water recycling systems.

Corpi, gestió integral de l’aigua boasts the technology and know-how to advise your company on rational and economic water management (minimizing consumption, treating wastewater and recycling potential).

Our experience embraces every aspect of water treatment systems (industry, urban installations and tourist facilities) through projects and advice both nationally and internationally.

To guarantee the optimum service and quality in our work, we have:

  • A large team of qualified professionals, including engineers, technicians and operatives with proven experience in the water treatment sector.
  • A warehouse of 600 m2 at our headquarters in Torelló, where we have all the equipment and tools necessary to efficiently deal with any operational requirement.
  • A laboratory for conducting the initial control parameters of wastewater as well as portable measuring equipment for making on-the-spot diagnoses and audits of treatment systems.

Our services cover the entire water cycle, from potability through to water purification and recycling.

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Corpi, gestió integral de l’aigua SL |  C. Mas de les Vinyes, 29  |  08570 - Torellˇ (Barcelona - Spain)  |  Tel. +34 93 859 20 94 - Fax +34 93 850 56 68  |